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Frequently Asked Questions
Do you offer multiple portion sizes?

Yes, you can choose from either our regular or large portion sizes for the main meal options. Our snacks just come in one size. 

Do you do home delivery?

We do! Just enter your address at checkout. Upload your address to your profile to save you having to input it each new time you order.

Can I change my order once my delivery has been placed?

Unfortunately not. Once your order is placed our chefs start to order stock so they can prepare your meals. We don't want food going to waste!

When do you deliver?

Our delivery days are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings. You will receive your order in one of our insulated bags between 3-6am - don't worry, the drivers won't knock! 

Do you cater for individual dietary requirements?

We currently have meat, pescetarian and vegetarian meal options. Whilst many of our meals are gluten and dairy free they are all cooked in the same kitchen. Please consider this if you have strict allergies. All of our dishes are nut free. 

You can use the filters when selecting your meals to identify those that cater to certain dietary requirements.

I want to order meals ad-hoc, is this possible?

Yes, our unique A La Carte ordering system offers you exactly that! Our delivery dates will remain the same (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) but you can select how many meals and snacks you want to order for delivery on those days. 

Why is the nutritional information different when I put the ingredients into my own diet tracker?

We use professional software to calculate the nutritional content of our meals. This incorporates all of the sauces, spices, condiments and oils which many people forget about. Please note that the nutritional information will never be 100% accurate. 

Why do I choose meals each day, if you only deliver three times a week?

You have 7 different main meals to choose from each day as we want to offer as much variety as possible. Our Meal Plan night shift team work on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday nights. On Sunday they prepare just the meals for Monday but on Monday and Wednesday nights they prepare two days' worth of meals. This is why you receive fewer meals on a Monday morning than you do on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Please don't worry about freshness though...we've tested this on many occassions and can guarantee the food tastes just as good the next day! 

Do you offer sponsorships?

Yes! Please get in touch with us at mealplan@harnessfood.com. We're always looking for people within the community whose lifestyles we can fuel.

Can I get discount if I recommend you to other people?

Absolutely. If you enjoy our meals, please tell your family and friends! We have an ambassador program for those willing to go the extra mile with helping us spread the word. If you'd like to be a part of this, please send us an email at mealplan@harnessfood.com

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