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Select from our wide variety of nutritionist crafted dishes and choose either delivery or pickup from one of our kitchens.

Let us Cook

Our team of talented chefs will prepare, cook and package all of your meals so they're fresh and ready to go.


Receive your delivery before 6am or collect from your pickup location from 8am onwards. Our delivery days are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.


Follow any reheating instructions on the food label and get stuck in. All of our packaging is biodegradable.

Meal Plans

Flexible A La Carte Ordering

Life can be unpredictable! We choose not to follow the typical subscription model, giving you the choice to order as many meals, on as many days as you want.

Harness Lunch Boxes

Hassle-free, nutritious school lunches

Currently available for students at DESS only. Build your child's lunchbox for them to enjoy at school. You order and pay online and we'll prepare and deliver the food to their classroom each day.

Meal Plans make life so much easier and healthier for me

Customer Review

The weekly selections are so good - I never know what to choose!

Customer Review

I really appreciate how all of the meals are nutritionally balanced and even the vegetarian options have lots of protein in them

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